Department of Polymer & Textile Engineering

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria
HOD, Prof. Musa Muhammad Bukhari
Prof. Musa Muhammad Bukhari

Head of Department

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The Department of Polymer and Textile Engineering (then Department of Textile Science and Technology) was created in October 1980 and offers a five (5) years program in textiles, polymer engineering and technology. It is based on the three (3) main sciences of chemistry, physics and mathematics. In the first year, students will take core courses in Chemistry, Applied Mechanics and Mathematics and thus be able to apply scientific knowledge to the solution of problems involving both scientific and physical principles. The course covers all aspects of polymer and textile Engineering including fibre science, synthesis and mechanism of polymers, structure and properties of polymer, man-made fibre production, analysis, testing, yarn manufacture, weaving mechanism and fabric structure, non-woven and knitting technology, chemistry and technology of dyeing, printing and finishing, chemistry of dyes and intermediate, textile engineering, design in textiles, economic, production and financial management studies.
We look forward to seeing you join us in this great department.