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Dr. Obada


In a research space where scientific concepts that were once domiciled in laboratories are being transformed into functional materials and devices, Dr. David Olubiyi Obada’s research group has concentrated on the development, characterization, and testing of multifunctional materials that are naturally existing and specifically engineered. Over the years, the group has been dedicated to engineering and transforming these materials for use in fundamental and advanced research and to fulfill societal needs.
Our research focuses on catalysis, mechanical and crack behaviour of advanced materials such as perovskites, kaolin-based membranes, hydroxyapatite scaffolds, etc. We are most interested in their remarkable physical, chemical, and mechanical properties such as density, porosity, homogenous and heterogeneous morphologies, robust hardness and fracture toughness, and unprecedented barrier properties. We fabricate

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We are currently looking for motivated Ph.D., Masters, Undergraduate, and Internship students to join the group at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. Send me an email if you are interested in applying.

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Nano-Materials: Characterization and Application,Artificial Intelligence Materials Modelling and Trends in Carbon Free Fuels

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