Faculty of Engineering

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria

NLNG Multi-User Laboratories & Tele-conference Centre

NLNG Multi-User Laboratories

The NLNG Multi-User Tele-conference Centre and Laboratories, Faculty of Engineering ABU Zaria consists of Six (6) specialized research laboratories. The laboratories are well equipped with latest materials testings , characterization and environmental analysis facilities.

Mechatronic Laboratory

(1) Robot System (Lab Volts 5150) with Robo CIM 5150 software
(2) ElectroElectrical and Computer Training System (Labvolt Model 8016-9)
(3) Advance Mechatronic System (Labvolt Model 5903)
(4) Flexible Manufacturing System (Labvolt Model 5901)

Materials Testing Laboratory
(1)Tribometer (Tribology and Wear tests)
(2) Fatique testing machine
(3) Creep testing machine
(4) Universal Strength Testing machine
(i) Tensile testing
(ii) Compression testing
(iii) Hardness testing
(iv) Flexural testing
(v) Spring test (5) Michrohardness Tester (Vickers)
Tribometer (Tribology & wear tests)

Creep Testing Machine

Microhardeness Tester (Vickers)

Materials Characterisation Laboratory

(1) Differential Scanning Colorimeter
(i) DTA/TGA tests
(ii) DSC tests
(2) Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
(3) X-ray Diffractometer (XRD)
(4) Optical Pyrometers (18000C)
(5) TIG Welding Machine
Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Optical Pyrometer

Scanning Electron Microscope

Environmental Laboratory

(1) Wireless Weather station
(2) Mini volt Air Sampler
(3) Sound level meter
(4) Gas analyser
(5) X-ray fluorescent (XRF) machine
(6) Liquid Sedimentation apparatus
(7) 4 Decimal places sensitive weighing balances
Wireless Weather Station

Digital Weighing Machine

Liquid Sedimentation Apparatus

Soil Testing Laboratories (2 in Nos)

(1) Soils Colour Charts EL 23 – 7120, El 23 – 7110
(2) Surface Boring Kit and accessories
(3) Water level indicator
(4) Hand Operated Universal extruder
(5) In-situ CBR machine
(6) Unconfined compression tester
(7) Triaxial cells and apparatus
(8) Multiflower Mixer (14 liters capacity)
(9) Casagrande apparatus
(10) Constant temperature Bath and Hydrometer analyses
(11) Moisture condition apparatus
(12) Consolidation Appratus
(13) Pneumalic consolidation apparatus
(14) ROWE Type consolidation cells
(15) Triaxial Testing machine
(16) Potential Volume change equipment.
Triaxial Testing Machine

In-situ CBR Machine

Consolidation Apparatus

ICT laboratory/Tele conferencing Centre

(1) Video Conferencing Facilities
(2) Softwares for Engineering Design and Analysis which include:
(i) Stat_Ease Design expert 9
(ii) PTC – Creo parametric
(iii) MATLAB
(iv) Simulink
(v) AQUAVEO-GMS Mod flow
(vi) Maple 2015 + Maple sim 7
(vii) Autodesk-Autocad Design Suite ultimate 2016
NLNG Multi-User Laboratories signboard

Tele Conference Hall

NLNG Multi-User Front View